April 21, 2021


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Regal Reopens 2 Central Florida Movie Theaters on Friday

ORLANDO, Fla. – On Friday, some people were able to enjoy something they haven’t in a while—physically going to a movie theater and watch a movie.

What You Need To Know

  • Regal has started reopening its movie theaters
  • Safety measures in place like moviegoers must wear masks when not eating, drinking
  • Some people are happy to just be able to return to the movie theater

Select Regal theaters across the country have reopened, including two locations in Central Florida: Regal Waterford Lakes and Regal Winter Park Village.

The company closed more than 500 of its U.S. theaters in October after numerous film releases were delayed because of the pandemic.

Davide Dal Pos and his wife arrived at the Waterford Lakes theater a few minutes early to check to if it was really was reopening and to fill out a safety check required to enter.

They say it was worth it to get back something they’ve missed.

“Being here physically and watch a film on the big screen is always exciting,” Dal Pos said.

Economic experts say businesses like cinemas reopening, stimulus check spending and accelerating vaccinations are fueling a sustained economic recovery. The U.S. Labor Department on Friday released new jobs numbers, showing 916,000 new jobs were added in March – nearly double the number of new jobs added in February. And the U.S. Labor Secretary says that progress should continue if people continue practicing safety measures and more people continue to get vaccinated.

To ensure safety, Regal has measures in place at its theaters. The chain is keeping capacity limited, with much of the ticket process done virtually. And the reservation system will leave two empty seats between groups. Customers are required to wear masks when they are not eating or drinking.

Dal Pos and his wife have the extra assurance of both being vaccinated.

“I think we are pretty safe,” Dal Pos said. “And this kind of environment is probably even safer than most of the restaurants I would say.”

They say it’s more than just a theater reopening. It’s another symbolic step back to life as they knew it before.

“Those kind of things get you back to almost normality,” Dal Pos said.

The reopening comes in time for the release of “Godzilla vs Kong.” Other Regal movie theaters are schedule to reopen later this month or in May. For a complete listing, click here.

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